Posted on: October 8, 2010 11:36 am

Rangers Are Sitting Pretty

The Texas Rangers are sitting pretty right now as they attempt to sweep the AL Eastern Division Champs Tampa Bay RaysCliff Lee was everything and more that he was advertised to be in the post season and CJ Wilson followed up with a great game of his own.  The Ranger offense has also been exceptional this series.  I know there were a couple of controversial calls made (or not made) that might have influenced both games, but you still have to make quality pitches to get these Texas hitters out and that's not to mention the total lack of a Tampa Bay offense.  The Rangers are poised to win their first ever playoff series and hope that the Yankees can close out the Twins so we can have home-field advantage in the next round.  Colby Lewis takes the mound and we hope he will be focused and ready to help us clinch the final game on Saturday.  The Rays will counter with the always tough Matt Garza, who can be dominating when he's on.  We'll see how he does with the added pressure of having to pitch to avoid elimination.  The Rays didn't face Lewis during the regular season, so this will be the first time they have gotten a look at the big right-hander.  The "Eyes of Texas" will be on the Rays and the Ballpark in Arlington as the Texas Rangers attempt to make history by winning their first playoff series.  Ranger fans have been waiting a long time for this moment, so let's all join the Rangers and help them make it to the next round of the playoffs where they will await the winner of the Yankees/Twins matchup.  It'll be a great day in Rangerland when that happens! 
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Posted on: September 5, 2010 12:17 am

Playoff Races Part II

Well Baseball fans....looks like the divisional races are shaping up for the stretch run here in September.  In the AL East, it's down to the Yankees and Rays...I like the Yankees with the Rays being the wild card.  The Yankees are cranking it up a notch even w/o  some of their best players.  The Rays are still there, but I feel like their lack of offense will put too much pressure on their outstanding pitching.  In the AL Central I like the Twins...they get just enough pitching and their offense is very opportunistic and takes advantage of many scoring chances.  They're fundamentally sound and don't make mistakes...I don't think Man-Ram will be enough to get the Pale Hose close enough, but it will still be fun to watch how he and Ozzie get along for the rest of the season.  Over in the AL West....I hope my Rangers just keep on keepin' on....they finally got Kinsler and Cruz back, but now Hamilton and Andrus are dinged up and Cliff Lee's back is a problem right now...gotta get those guys healthy for the the playoffs.  Now on to the NL East....who would have thought that the Phillies with all their injuries would be this resilient and knocking on the Braves door??  It'll be a great battle to the end and I like the Phillies chances with the big three, plus their finally healthy...the Braves take the Wild Card though and will be tough in a short series with their pitching and big bats.  What can you say about the Reds in the NL Central??  I guess Dusty Baker was probably one of the few who knew about this bunch...I like their team...good young players who play hard...Votto for MVP???  Meanwhile out in the NL West...the Padres are free-fallin' right now and need a parachute quick!!  The Giants are thankful to still be in this with their pitching woes and don't look now come the Rockies...full speed ahead!!!  The Padres have to make a decision about their young they continue to roll them out there or limit their innings??  Hey...pitching is what got them there...and the Giants will be under great pressure to crank up their staff to catch the Padres.  I think the Rockies may have waited a little late to make their run, but all these guys play each other the last few weeks of the season so anything can happen....I a photo finish....the Rockies!  Let me hear your thoughts again about your team's chances....coming soon....playoff we eagerly await the end of another great year for baseball....go root for your team!!
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Posted on: August 28, 2010 10:12 am

Playoff Races Heat Up!

September is upon us and another round of exciting divisional battles are taking place.  In the NL East, will the Phillies be able to overcome all their injuries and overtake the Braves?  In the NL Central, it's a "brawl for it all" between the Reds and Cardinals.  In the NL West, although the Padres have put a a little distance between themselves and the Giants, if the Giants can straighten out their pitching, then they may be poised to make a run.  The NL wildcard looks to be another close chase as the Giants, Phillies are going back and forth and the Cardinals might make some noise as well.  Over in the American League the AL East is shaping up to be a three team race between the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox.  Can the defending world champs hold off the youthful Rays and the always present Red Sox?  The champs are holding ground right now, but the Rays are right there with their dominant pitching and timely hitting.  Don't count out the Red Sox as they are finding ways to win and their pitching has kept them within striking distance.  As the AL Central unfolds, it looks to be between the Twins and White Sox as they battle it out for a playoff berth.  The Twins have been one of the hottest teams lately and have managed to put themselves in a good position as they enter the stretch run.  The White Sox have enjoyed a resurgence that started back before the All-Star break and have kept going much like the Red Sox with pitching and timely hitting.  The only race that I see that has been decided is the AL West, where the Rangers have been in command for much of the season and look to be the first lock for the postseason.  The AL wildcard looks to be the the second place team in the AL east in that three horse race with the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox all positioning themselves for that one final push to the end.  What are your thoughts on the playoff races as they heat up for the stretch run in September?  Let's hear what you have to say!

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